Designed with passion, and toned to perfection. Ovlaj is the perfect choice for your skin.


lies in a special concentration of NNLP33TM, a unique combination of natural and scientifically enhanced ingredients including Dulse Red Algae, Astaxanthin and Baobab Oil. This exclusive textured formula smooths, hydrates and nour- ishes skin cells from the inside out.


Dr. Salem is a masterful chemist

behind the amazing line of OVLAJ skincare products. His philosophy on skin, is that you need to treat it like an organ that needs to breathe and be nourished. Just like a breath of fresh air. Within this same line of thinking comes the root for all ingredients found in all of the OVLAJ skincare products. His mission is simple, fight the Aging process with modern medicine leaving the skin with a renewed look, life, and vitality.


The aging process has created a diverse arena for scientists to combat the physical manifestation of our mortality. However we live in a world of possibility; whereas the science of nature holds the ability to redefine the nature of time by and large. Ovlaj first sought to identify the key elements of the aging process and in turn employ innovative scientific formulations that both reverse and refine the reality of time on our skin. The result of this development is clinically proven and validated on the faces of the consumer. It is a core belief of manufacturing solutions that replicate the human bodies process of preservation that is the synergistic by product of a success learned.





Dr Amjad Salem believes that like our bodies our skin’s beauty starts with inner health. In 1991 while conducting research with cancer cells and immune /auto immune deficiencies, Dr Salem observed that when he increased blood flow to an area it actually subsided some of the inflammatory attributes. In addition he noticed that surrounding tissue was being re-build resulting in a smooth radiant look, texture and feel of the skin.




Lina later became a personal hairdresser and makeup artist to the stars. Working on a vari- ety of Hollywood actors, actresses and indus- try Socialites. When Lina turned 21 little did she know, she would soon meet her future husband Dr. Amjad Salem.